How to choose the a suitable vibrator.

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Purchasing a vibrator can be seen, heard, touched and smelled the four aspects of the types of vibrators is good and bad and categories, the so-called look, smell, listen, touch is – look at the shape, listen to the sound, smell smell, touch material!

First, look at the shape
In accordance with the types of vibrators can be divided into the overall design of the European and American Department of ergonomic design style and of the vibration type of the antenna type, the difference between them can be likened to the image of the mineral water and coke feel. Ergonomic design according to the female vagina closely fit the structural bionics design, girls private parts, not the pursuit of strong stimulation, but to meet the taste, like plain but nutrient rich mineral water, although no taste, but to solve practical problems, the biggest advantage is that the design of human engineering, will not increase the value if the gate excited, for men.

Do not affect sexual pleasure, the side effect is small. While the Japanese system is like tentacles cola, drink drink can be more enjoyable, about thirst, long use will increase the value of the gate body excited, it is difficult to change a man to meet you, but if the old drink boiling water, will be bored, from time to time for coke drinking is harmless, adjust the life, to which one is more important or the consumer choice according to personal situation. There is also a types of vibrators of the relationship between the human body and the Japanese style tentacles, drawing on the European simplicity of the process, but also to increase the number of lines to enhance the stimulation, the feeling is also between the two.

Second, smell the smell
The qualified product is no pungent odor, because of the production process, the silica gel in the story will certainly have some rubber smell, but not absolute, only the nose close to the vibrators to smell it, and just a hint of rubber smell, even some aroma, cleaning several times no, if you buy a types of vibrators very pungent odor, it must be added plasticizer products, please do not use. (as far as possible or choose the brand and reliable channels)

Third, listen to the sound
The sound of the vibrator is related to the quality of the types of vibrators motor, the general motor vibration sound of 50 decibels or so, ultra quiet motor is only about 45 dB, the more quiet motor motor quality is better, the longer the life.

Fourth, touch material
The temperament and the order of the materials are soft and hard: TPE – silica gel – ABS. So you can tell by the touch of the material and the feeling of the product.
The soft material more suitable for beginners, feel more skin friendly, better adaptability, but the excitement is slightly low, so we see the TPE material to add hair, most types of vibrators touch bump to increase stimulation, to balance the lack of stimulation of material defects; hard material is suitable for the intermediate stage of the game player, even if the silica gel, ABS material no special lines, light is on hard with a certain size, it has been the basic drawing satisfaction, hard material has a strong sense of presence, there is a entrance eight full of feeling.

Europe and the United States Department of types of vibrators design sense of beauty, fashion, girls are very love, felt not so suitable for relative stimulation, caress and explore after insertion of foreplay, but if it is a novice, from Japanese can actually lower the relative price of things start, start from small jump eggs, including with AV rod, shock resistance, strong stimulation, rapid climax, tentacles recommend this type of tremor, small tentacles can not only stimulate the sensitive parts, but also can stimulate other erogenous zones, such as ear.


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